Don't know how to dance?


We'd love to teach you!

Join us this summer for Mainstream lessons!

Our caller, Matt Barnes, teaches a series of lessons that cover the 68 mainstream movements

required to become a certified Mainstream Square Dancer.


Ten lessons will begin on Friday, June 4, and continue through Friday, August 27, along with 1 Saturday workshops.

The Saturday workshops are tentatively set for July 24, from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., including a lunch break. Lunch will be available for a small fee or you may bring your own. 

About the Lessons: 

These lessons are for anyone 12 years of age or older, or for those 11 years old partnering with a parent.  

These lessons progress through complicated movements that follow a standard curriculum.  

For this reason, once a commitment has been made, please make every effort to attend each

lesson.  The progress of the entire square depends upon individual members being present and prepared.  

The 68 movements taught are typically learned over the course of 1 year.  However, Matt has agreed to accelerate the program to challenge students and to avoid scheduling conflicts of a year long program.  

Please consider that you are committing to 10 Fridays, and 2 Saturdays. 

Dates and details can be found on the Registration forms and on the summer calendar.

The cost of the lessons will be $110 per student.

Parents partnering with an 11 year old student will be given a discount, paying $60. 

Parent-couples, who have a teen dancer, will be able to take lessons free.  

This fee is capped at a maximum of $330 per family, plus a $10 fee for each additional member

in order to cover association dues and insurance.

The majority of these funds go directly to pay the caller for lessons.  

The remainder covers facility usage and graduation dance arrangements. 


So glad you will be joining us!

See you in the Square!

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