Auction & Raffles Scholarship Fundraiser


Please consider donating to our Scholarship fund through our website or

making payments to Grand Squares and sending them to DeAnna Stewart.

Thank you for supporting the Senior Class of 2021!

November 2, 2019 we are hosting our Annual Scholarship Dance

to raise money for the Texas Teen Scholarship Program.

This dance raises funds for our Graduating Seniors.

This year in addition to our traditional silent auction baskets,

we will have live auction baskets and various raffle items.

Here are some ways your family can contribute:

1. Make or purchase a gift basket

2. Obtain donations (see below for the documents needed)

3. Donate a personal business or handcrafted item (Mary Kay, Scentsy, Handmade Quilt)

4. Donate to our Live Auction Themed Baskets: Family Movie/ Game Night or Thanksgiving Extravaganza

(donations may include: Family Friendly DVD, Board game, Thanksgiving Decor, Cookie Cutters, etc.)

*These donations are tax deductible!

**We would appreciate receiving them by October 19, 2019, in order to prepare for this event.

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DeAnna Stewart

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