Interested in square dancing?  Summer is the perfect time to jump in!
Every summer, Grand Squares offers a series of lessons that covers the 68 mainstream movements required to become a certified Mainstream Square Dancer.  Lessons occur weekly, and end with the Grand Squares Graduation Dance - a fabulously fun night to celebrate our graduates!

The summer lessons progress through complicated movements that follow a standard curriculum.  For this reason, once a commitment has been made, please make every effort to attend.  The progress of the entire square depends upon individual members being present and prepared.  These lessons are for anyone 12 years of age or older, or for those 11 years old partnering with a parent.  Check out pricing for lessons on the Membership page.

The 68 movements taught are typically learned over the course of 1 year.  However, for Grand Squares we offer an accelerated program to challenge students and to avoid scheduling conflicts of a year long program.  Please consider that you are committing to weekly lessons throughout the summer.

A week or two before lessons begin, we hold a "Just for Fun" Dance - perfect for guests to come and check out Grand Squares and square dancing.  No experience required!

We hope to see you in the square!